The beautiful white sand beaches and exotic, exclusive nightclubs of Ibiza are the perfect escape for the young and glamorous. The exotic Spanish island offers some of the world’s most beautiful scenery, and some of the most beautiful people. This fashion-forward destination has all the best to offer visitors, and it demands the best in return. Whether you’re heading to Ibiza to take in some sun by the sparkling Mediterranean, or to dance the night away at one of the world’s best parties, you’ll be surrounded by style. From sizzling swimwear straight off the runway to dazzling evening gowns hitting the town, every look needs to be accessorized. Here are the 5 best brands to show off your style at Ibiza’s hottest parties.


The best sterling silver luxury design bracelets you can imagine. Everything you buy here is limited edition. And only the biggest fashionistas know about this brand specialised in luxury for the partying and free. Their new website is the only way to buy their exclusively designed pieces. You will be sure not to bump into someone with the same jewellery. This is just for the rich and famous who party in total freedom.

A Peace Treaty Logo A Peace Treaty

A Peace Treaty’s bold and fashion-forward designs represent the best of global luxury. Inspired by the creator’s world-wide travels, the luxe brand features the world’s most beautiful materials and innovative techniques. Often seen on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie, and Mary-Kate Olsen, A Peace Treaty’s celebration of cultural design will set you apart as the luxurious globetrotter you are.

logo Kevia

Kevia combines a fun, youthful aesthetic with the highest quality sustainable materials for a luxurious look that you can rock responsibly. The eco-inspired designs will bring a touch of earthy sophistication to any outfit, and the locally-mined gold with shine brightly in the warm Ibiza sun. Nothing says luxurious getaway quite like Kevia’s high quality and carefree animal inspired pieces.

logo Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher began her career by styling the stars in feature films and television shows, and her cinematic style translates into her line of fine jewelry. With a focus on edgy, casual pieces, her designs are the perfect solution to make any outfit feel refined and complete. And with loyal fans like Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna, Jennifer Fisher’s designs will be sure to make you look like a movie star.

Logo Michelle Campbell

A favorite of the infamous sultry singer Beyoncé, Campbell Collections pulls inspiration from feminine strength and architecture. With a bold but simplistic aesthetic, the collection has a modern, easy to wear appeal that would suit the young traveler. Their timeless elegance is the perfect effortless complement to any outfit – especially the arrow and chevron-inspired stacking rings.

logo Ariel Gordon

Ariel Gordon’s simple and feminine designs are inspired by blue skies and bright colors, so they’re a perfect fit for the hip, young globetrotter exploring Ibiza. Celebrities can’t get enough, as it’s been seen on hip young starlets like Selena Gomez, Lauren Conrad, and Olivia Wilde. With clean lines and bright colors, these pieces will transition perfectly from the hot beach to Ibiza’s hottest nightclubs.

Ibiza is the place to embrace your luxurious style and live like a celebrity. If you’re planning a trip, make the most of it by embracing your inner fashionista and accessorizing with the best jewelry designers for your exotic Spanish getaway.

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