Spring is here, which means it’s time to rejuvenate our closets and souls. I love spring because it’s a wonderful time of the year when we can wear the most sophisticated jewelry items with style without looking over-accessorized.

Think futuristic earrings, statement rings, romantic bracelets and elegant watches and you get the idea. One of the distinguished features of 2015 spring jewelry trends is lightness. Before I head onto my summer holiday destinations to explore new places and clubs, I am trying to enjoy this short season, which is evasive and brisk as the blooming of the trees – only yesterday they were gray and gloomy and today the world is suddenly all green and bright.

I had a sneak peek at what some fashion bloggers are considering for this spring and am ready to share the crème de la crème of my findings with all of you. Let’s see what we should definitely get in order to rejuvenate our wardrobes and spirits.

Although big statement necklaces are still trendy, there is more emphasis on the bracelets. They are really that something that gives you this “It girl” touch. They vary from thin feminine ones to big and bold ones.

For instance, blogger Olga Choi is the embodiment of a pure femininity and tenderness.

spring jewelry, braceletShe prefers something thin and romantic, like this Soufeel Charm Bracelet in soft pastel colors. This is a perfect jewelry choice for a romantic date,  when you want to wear something flowing and airless, and when the sun is out of course, otherwise this thin beauty might be lost. jewelry, bracelet
Having made the mental note for the previous look for sunnier spring days when I feel like a nice stroll in the nearby park, it’s time to think about those days when the wind just seems to never stop and we still need to wear long-sleeved shirts and even a jacket. Then something more distinct and impressive comes to the rescue.


Christy Jaldori proves that there is no need to compromise style for warmth with this Maesa Morado statement bracelet. It’s less heavy than most summer bracelets and can work great with any long-sleeved outfit.

jewelry, bracelet
Another big trend for spring bracelets is wearing a fashion watch instead. I love bright colors for my watches but they do not always work so something neutral or earth color is a great choice, as you can wear it with literally anything (only maybe except for a white wedding outfit).  jewelry, watch

Well, enough about bracelets, even though I love them so much! The post is about spring jewelry trends so it cannot be complete without something that is so hot in 2015- futuristic earrings and rings.


Julia Lundin tries on some Crea-Tiff bijoux creations and they are simply breathtaking. (Victoria Metaxas does a great job as usual with this image). You can definitely wear this as a one-piece earring to a party or a cocktail event (why not, really?) and its outstanding design can let the rest of your outfit stay very simple, so technically if you have an event to attend right after work, all you need is these earrings.

Otherwise, wear these earrings with a romantic Olga Choi style dress or an urban tough girl outfit Julia offers. It will work well with both.

The same blogger shows this unique ring that brings us back to childhood with its candy-ladybug design.
This creation is something Alice in the Wonderland would kill for. Wearing it makes you enjoy spring and anticipate hot summer days even more. jewelry, ring

This sneak peek of spring jewelry trends through the eyes of fashion bloggers should really help you get the idea of what’s hot. Which look is your favorite? What would you wear these coming days?