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Definition “OV”: The tradename “Jewelry and Daiquiry” and/or “J&D” (“J and D”) both tradenames of the company “Onlion Ventures B.V.” (registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 60222697)

Definition “OV Websites”: and all information on this/these website(s) or its (social) platform(s) which is/are currently held online for OV and/or information on websites of third parties which websites/information is/are held online on behalf of or for OV or information which is distributed (online) on behalf of or for OV.

1.         The OV Websites use Google Analytics (Google Inc.) in order to analyze the information on the OV Websites and for marketing (e.g. remarketing on social media and other websites). This software uses “cookies”. Google uses this information for inter alia carrying out analyses. You can refuse the use of cookies by adjusting your browser settings. However, we point out that in that case you may not be able to use all the options on the OV Websites. By using the OV Websites you give permission for the processing of the information by Google and OV and the parties cooperating with OV. For more information we refer you to (the website) of Google:

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2. contains links to other websites. Notifications of OV with regard to privacy however only apply to the OV Websites. OV does not guarantee the contents and/or privacy policy of the websites to which OV refers (for instance link referral). Other websites are all websites not being

3.       If you wish to place a link on a website to the OV Websites then you should receive prior written permission for this. You can send your request

General privacy statement the OV

4.       If there is any lack of clarity concerning the interpretation of one or more stipulations in this privacy statement, or if a situation arises which is not arranged for in this privacy statement, then the interpretation is to be carried out ‘in the spirit’ of these stipulations.

5.       If one or more stipulations in this privacy statement appears to be void or voidable then this does not have any effect on the validity of the other stipulations. If one or more stipulations in this privacy statement is void then OV will replace the invalid stipulation(s) with new stipulations which are of a similar purport so that they represent the stipulations which are declared to be void as much as possible.

6.        OV is entitled to change (the contents of) this privacy statement unilaterally. This privacy statement can be adjusted or extended at any moment without any prior notification. The reader of the OV Websites is responsible for checking regularly whether this privacy statement has been adjusted.

7.       Only Dutch Law applies to the OV Websites while only the Court in Amsterdam has jurisdiction to deliver judgment in the first instance with regard to disputes.

8.       If you use the OV Websites you automatically agree to this disclaimer.

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