Meet Katrina Kelly, a person who is a proof that we all can be talented in different ways, that even when you feel like you can’t do something, you should just turn around and look for other paths out there. She’s been following her dream after earning a Fine Arts degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design, and her collections are filled with love, wisdom, and beauty.

Katrina Kelly jewelry
Katrina Kelly

Jewelry and Daiquiri: When did you realize you wanted to become a jewelry designer?

Katrina Kelly: Initially, I always wanted to be a fashion designer. When I enrolled in University as a fashion major, I could not wait to design my fashion collection. However, I sewed horribly, and we had to make dozens of tailored garments by hand. I was truly dyslexic and uncoordinated with the sewing machine-nothing worked out. I ended up taking a jewelry metalsmithing class as an elective. It turned out, I was a metal magician; I could create and build anything in metal, thus, it felt really good to excel at something. As I learned about the ancient history of jewelry, I became captivated by its symbolic and intrinsic attributes. Now, here I am.

Katrina Kelly Jewelry
Katrina Kelly Anastasia Large Green Topaz, Lace Opal and Moonstone Oval Stone Rings

J&D: What inspires you? Do you have a favorite place where you feel you can realize your creative potential in the most productive way?

Love and learning inspires me. When I was studying for my Masters in Art History, I took classes in Christian Iconography and fell in complete awe with icons. Any time I see a lavish gold icon, I am absolutely mesmerized. Iconography of all cultures inspires me. Also, architecture is always an enormous inspiration to me; minarets, spires, domes, bell towers, and really anything that strives to reach the heavens, moves me. My favorite place is sitting at an outdoor café, staring at a majestic mosque, temple or church- then, going inside it to walk up the tower, and gaze out at the world below.

Spire, Temple & Wisdom Bangles with colored diamonds
Spire, Temple & Wisdom Bangles with colored diamonds

J&D: The names for your collections sound like poetry- Layers of Love and Wisdom Wand, for instance. How did you come up with these?

Words inspire me. I might be a wordsmith just as much as a metalsmith. I have written poetry since I can remember. Ultimately, my various perspectives of love and wisdom get translated into golden poetry.

Katrina Kelly Jewelry
Layers of Love® charms


J&D: What are your collections about?

Fun, love, and wisdom.

J&D:Do you wear your own jewelry? Do you have favorite pieces you would never part with?

I wear my  Platinum Layers of Love® LIFE wedding ring and a Wisdom Wand everyday.


Platinum Layers of Love® LIFE
Platinum Layers of Love® LIFE

J&D:Whom is your jewelry for? Who is the person that wears Katrina Kelly jewelry?

It’s for the woman who loves to learn, the woman who is perpetually striving towards her higher self, the woman who loves to love others, as well as herself. And of course, for the woman that loves fashion.

J&D:What do you recommend our readers wear with your jewelry? Or wear your jewelry with?

Many women have worn their Wisdom Wands along with a sacred talisman such as a Buddha charm they found somewhere along their travels. Also, I have seen many Saint and angel charms stacked with my Wisdom Wands. Therefore, wear them with something sacred, special, and symbolic.

Katrina Kelly Jewelry
Wisdom Wands®


J&D:What is your vision for the future of your brand?

More Wisdom Wands® and Layers of Love® Jewelry. I envision a world of wise women who will Share & Wear Wisdom® daily.

J&D:Whom do you admire in the fashion jewelry scene? Whom do you suggest we interview next?

Wendy Brandes designs some kick ass jewelry with savvy stories behind them. Also, I love Yael Sonia’s jewelry. Her designs are gorgeous and clever. We became friends while exhibiting at the Couture trade show. I fell for her Rock Rings. Also, I am always fascinated by her chic travel lifestyle, as she splits her time between Brazil, Paris and Manhattan. Not only are her jewels kinetically fantastic, she is an amazing person- with great taste in French music!

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