Copyright notice

Definition “OV”: The tradename “Jewelry and Daiquiry” and/or “J&D” (“J and D”) both tradenames of the company “Onlion Ventures B.V.” (registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 60222697)

Definition “OV Websites”: and all information on this/these website(s) or its (social) platform(s) which is/are currently held online for OV and/or information on websites of third parties which websites/information is/are held online on behalf of or for OV or information which is distributed (online) on behalf of or for OV.

1.         This copyright notice applies inter alia to the OV Websites. All intellectual property rights relevant to the OV Websites rest exclusively at OV or the parties cooperating with OV. OV and/or the parties cooperating with OV expressly retain these intellectual property rights. The stipulations in this copyright notice also apply to information which is distributed by third parties via the OV Websites and to that which is presented elsewhere and derived from the OV Websites

2.         You are allowed to use the OV Websites only for your own purposes. It is not allowed to change, adapt, publish, provide to third parties, multiply, reproduce or reuse any (parts) of the OV Websites and details on the OV Websites, regardless of its appearance.

OV Copyright Notice General component

3.         If there is lack of clarity with regard to the interpretation of one or more stipulations in this copyright notice, or if a situation occurs which has not been provided for in this copyright notice, then the interpretation is to be carried out ‘according to the spirit’ of these stipulations.

4.         If one or more stipulations in this copyright notice appears to be void or voidable, then this does not have any effect on the validity of the other stipulations. If one or more stipulations in this copyright notice is void then OV will replace the invalid stipulation(s) with new stipulations which are of a similar purport so that they represent the stipulations which are declared to be void as much as possible.

5.         OV is entitled to change (the contents of) this copyright notice unilaterally. This copyright notice can be adjusted or extended at any moment without any prior notification. The reader of the OV Websites is responsible for checking regularly whether this copyright notice has been adjusted.

6.         The information on the OV Websites is regularly supplemented and any changes can be applied with immediate effect and without any notification at all times.

7.         Only Dutch Law applies to the OV Websites while only the Court in Amsterdam has jurisdiction to deliver judgment in the first instance with regard to disputes.

8.         If you use the OV Websites you automatically agree to this copyright notice.
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