It goes without saying that diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. Unfortunately there are is a multitude of unofficial outlets and traders out there that take advantage of our love for diamonds and attempt to sell us inferior quality stones and even completely fake manufactured varieties. It is vital for any diamond lover to venture in to the market armed with a handful of key facts and easy ways to ensure that you are getting the real deal and best possible stone for your hard earned money. Here are some of the best and easiest ways to check the quality of a diamond.

  1. The 4 “Cs”

The ‘four “Cs” are absolutely something that any serious diamond fan should have knowledge of, and these are cut, color, clarity, and carat.

  • CUT – The term cut relates to the specific proportions of a diamond rather than its shape, and the very best examples of a perfectly cut diamond can be seen in the angles and the way that light will enter the stone and be dispersed properly back up through the top of the diamond.
  • COLOUR – Diamonds can range in color from colorless to light yellow, and the easiest fact to remember is that the more colorless the stone, the better quality diamond you have.
  • CLARITY – The clarity of a diamond is based on the amount of flaws and blemishes they contain within them. The more marks on and in a stone, the less fluidly light will pass through them; you want to look for a diamond that has very few ‘birth marks’.
  • CARAT – The weight of a diamond is measured in carats; the higher the carat, the more rare and more expensive the stone will be. Though carat weight is a simple way to determine a diamonds price range, individual value will also determine on a mixture of the four Cs together.
  1. Setting and Mount

A good way to assess the authenticity of a supposedly real diamond is to examine the setting and mount of the stone. A real diamond will almost always be set in a high quality gold or platinum, with stamps including 10K, 14K and 18K all the way up to PT and Plat. In comparison, you can immediately see that a diamond is fake if a stamp reads C.Z., indicating that the mounted stone may be the synthetic Cubic Zirconium.

  1. Newspaper Method

If you are trying to test an unmounted diamond, then an effective home method is to turn the stone upside down and lay it on a section of newspaper text. If you are able to read words through the stone or even make out distorted text then your diamond is very likely a fake. In the majority of cases, real diamonds would bend light to such a degree that you would not be able to see any print at all

  1. Float or Sink Test

This is a really simple and really effective method of checking a diamond’s authenticity. Grab a glass of water and drop the stone in question on the surface. Because diamonds possess such a high level of density, a real genuine stone will sink straight to the bottom of the glass. However, if your stone remains floating on the surface of the water or only drops to the middle of the glass, then we are afraid you have a fake on your hands.

  1. Heat Test

Another handy home test that you can carry out on your stones is to grab a lighter and heat up the diamond for approximately thirty seconds. After this, drop the stone straight in to a glass of cold water. If your stone is a fake, the contraction and rapid expansion of this process will weaken the strength of lesser materials like quartz or glass and the stone will shatter from inside. A real diamond, however, will be strong enough to withstand the heat and water and will remain completely unaffected.

Don’t get caught out by fake stones. You deserve the best.

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