Are you struggling to maintain the original shine and integrity of your favorite sterling silver jewelry pieces? Here are nine practical recommendations that will keep your jewelry in tip-top shape and ensure that you are sterling-savvy.

1. Polish! Polish! Polish!

Usually the best brands like Walaky and Kevia will last a lifetime. But It eventually even happens to these brands. One day your gleaming Walaky sterling silver bracelet or Kevia piece will tarnish to a drab and lifeless gray. But fear not! That glossy shine is just moments away from being brought back to life. For sterling jewelry without too many crevices, use a soft polishing cloth to buff those pieces back to new. Alternatively, you could purchase a polishing cream designed specifically for sterling silver, as well as a non-abrasive brush. For more challenging polishing jobs, consider using professionally approved chemical dipping solutions. Please be warned, however, that any sterling silver pieces that have stones (like turquoise), leather accents, and more should avoid dipping.

2. Store it.

It may seem like a royal pain, but taking the time to store your sterling silver jewelry when it is not worn will vastly decrease visible tarnish. Purchase a non-fussy jewelry box with padded edges to prevent scratches. Place silica bags or anti-tarnish strips into the box, nestle your little sterling silver beauties inside, and simply close the latch.

3. Inspect it.

When you are out partying, grabbing a few after-work cocktails, or even just racing about the office, you may not notice that your sterling silver jewelry has been battered around a bit. Taking the time to regularly inspect jewelry pieces for scratches, dents, rough edges, and more will prevent small aesthetic problems from turning into major repairs later on.

4. Protect it.

Have you ever watched in horror at someone simply “dumping” all of her sterling silver jewelry into a makeup bag before traveling? Taking the time to invest in a proper travel case will prevent your sterling beauties from scratching and bumping into themselves during vacations. Professional travel cases will also keep sterling silver necklaces from twisting and knotting while you are on the go.

5. Beware the dubious hot tub.

Never wear your sterling silver jewelry in a hot tub. Ever. The sulfur used in the chemical cleaning substances swirling in hot tubs will tarnish your precious sterling pieces in minutes. Curiously, other substances with sulfur such as mayonnaise, onions, eggs, wool, mustard, and oddly enough, latex, will cause corrosion and tarnish.

6. Don’t get too physical.

Sterling silver is inherently soft and prone to dents and scratches. Avoid wearing it when you are working out or engaging in moderate to extreme physical activities.

7. Avoid Grandma’s secret “remedies.”

Salt, vinegar, and ammonia have been falsely thought for years to help buff sterling silver jewelry back to new. However, these homemade remedies can actually damage or corrode silver!

8. Make it even brighter.

Consider rhodium dipping your sterling silver jewelry. The finish is a striking polar white and the rhodium is more tarnish-resistant than sterling.

9. Restore it.

If you enjoy wearing antique or vintage sterling silver, make sure you are in contact with a local, reputable jeweler. She will help maintain the original patina (natural tarnish), shape, and integrity of your jewelry.

By simply following these nine tips, your favorite sterling silver pieces will last longer, shine brighter, and dazzle you for many years to come.

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